School ending celebration and my Christmas

Our holiday started two days before Christmas, on December 22th. We had a celebration at school, where performed for example dancers, a small chamber music orchestra and other music bands. For us first year students the most important thing was performing the play we had been practicing the last weeks.  I have to say that I’m proud of the play being ready in time and everything going well, even though our play wasn’t the best one ever made.   I’m not going to explain you the storyline because it’s very messy, but it was basically about Santa Claus being kidnapped and how he handled the situation.  The first year student’s play has become a tradition in our school.

I myself had a very nice and comfortable Christmas. On the day before Christmas Eve we got a Christmas tree from a forest near our home and decorated it.On the Christmas Eve we went to church and did little stuff like cleaning or making food together. At the evening we ate and opened our gifts. As you can see, for me Christmas is mostly about spending time with my family. How do you celebrate Christmas?



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