On this period the prom course has started. It’s a course for the second year students, where they learn a few traditional dances, and on the end of the course they’ll dance those dances for the whole school. The tradition of “vanhojentanssit” as the prom is called in Finnish, started on 1950’s. The reason of the event is to celebrate that second year students are going to be the oldest in the school, when the last year students are in the middle of their matriculation examinations. At that time the last year students have done all the courses they need and are going to have a studying holiday before their exams.

At the time when the tradition was created, its meaning was to dress old-fashioned and to act very ceremonially, but nowadays it’s not at all as ceremonial as it used to be. Even though the tradition has changed a lot, the dances are still the same and old-fashioned. In the course the students usually also make a short play.

Nowadays girl’s prom dresses are very princessy and usually people spend a lot of money on their look on the prom day. It’s kind of the opposite of the old prom tradition.Kuvahaun tulos haulle vanhojen tanssit

Also, the Makana project has developed since the Makana theme day! Our teachers have decided which students from the project get to go to South Africa to meet you. From high school they picked me, Theodor, Miska, Elias, Ulriikka, Charlotte and Anniina.

Sorry for a short post, hope you enjoyed!


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