Flex-week in Karjaan lukio

Our school has it’s own little specialty, the flex-week. I haven’t heard that any other school would have such thing, at least in southern Finland.

Flex-week basically means that students study one course for a week, which is a very good way to get courses if you need them to graduate. Usually the courses are advanced courses, for example about biology, chemistry or health education. Last year the flex-week was a bit different; it was about the different forms of water. This year’s flex-week will be again a normal one. We have a biology course, a kitchen’s chemistry course, a voluntary work course, a sports and health education course and three language courses: English, Swedish and Russian.

This year’s flex week will be on February. That means that we on the Makana project won’t probably be there, because we’ll be there in South Africa instead! I don’t think that bothers any of us.



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