Celebrations in Finland; Midsummer 😊

I do “series” of celebrations in Finland and this is the fifth part. I’ll tell you about Midsummer in Finland. 😊

● In Finland, Midsummer is the celebration of the midnight sun.

● Midsummer means of light and midsummer feast, which is celebrated in June.

● Finnish Midsummer include a sauna, bonfire and Midsummer dance.

● A sauna and a bonfire:

● Traditional Finnish Midsummer foods is midsummer cheese, pancakes, pies, fresh fish, vegetables and a lot of grilled food.

● Midsummer cheese and grilled food:

● Midsummer dances are very common in Finland.

● Midsummer dances:


● In Finland, homes are decorated with birch branches at midsummer.

● Birch branches:


● Midsummer usually celebrated with family or friends.

Now you know something about Midsummer in Finland. 😊

Have a nica day!! ❤😊


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