Something about mobile phones in Finland

Today i decided to tell you about what kind of phones people have in Finland and how we use them. I’m writing this mainly based on my own experiences and what i know so some things might not be completely true. Kids usually get their first phones around the time they start school to communicate with their parents and friends. The first phone is often really cheap and simple but nowadays it can even be a smartphone. My first phone was from the Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia. Nokia was the leading phone company before smartphones  but when they came around Nokia fell behind.


This was my first phone

Almost everyone over the age of ten has some kind of a phone. Older people often have simple phones but almost all young adults and teenagers have smartphones. The people that have smartphones use them for social medias like snapchat instagram facebook and whatsapp, web surfing and watching videos and movies from places like youtube and netflix. I personally (i think a lot of people can relate to this) mostly use my phone for everything else than phone calls. I use my phone for a lot of different things from school to entertainment and it feels strange if i can’t just take my phone and play a game or check what is happening around the world when i’m bored. It’s crazy how addicted everyone has become when you think about it.



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