Sami people live in North, Lapland

Lapland is the largest and northernmost region in Finland. There is also a very low population density. In Lapland are all Finnish mountains and in winter there you can downhill skiing and see northern lights and reindeer. Santa Claus also lives there 😀

lappi.png          poro

1944-1945 was Lapland War. That was fought between Finland and Germany. Germans used scorched earth tactic in Lapland and then over 400 km railways destroyed, 10 000 km of roadways mined and were unusable, almost 700 bridges burned and 3,700 km of telephone lines were destroyed. 90% of Rovaniemi, capital of Lapland was burned to the ground. After war started reconstruction and 1953 there was more buildings than before war. This is what it looked like after war:

lapin poltto.jpg

Lapland also means a bigger part of Nordic countries. The region is Russian, Finnish, Norway’s and Swedish at regional.

lappi isompi.png

In Lapland lives the only aboriginal people in Finland. They are Sami people. About them I should to write. Sami people live in Lapland, and in Finland mostly in northern parts of it. Sami are also the only indigenous people of whole Scandinavia recognized and protected under the international conventions of indigenous peoples. Their traditional languages are the Sami languages, many also speak languages of Nordic countries. Matriculation examination you can write Sami as a second language and also as a mother tongue.

Sami flag:

saamelaisten lippu.png

Nature is always been very important to Sami people. Collecting, hunting, fishing and reindeer herding have long been important livelihoods of the Sami people. 2,800 Sami people are actively involved in herding on a full-time basis. Nowadays more and more Sami people make their living other than these traditional ways. Sami people eat much reindeer meat and Nordic berries. The exact amount of the Sami people is difficult to estimate, because the determination of Sami isn’t that simple, but in Finland the number is about 9 000 and in the world about 75 000 – 100 000.

poro2.jpg       poro3.jpg

The Sami national symbols of the most prominent is the Sami costume. It has its origins in folk costume, use has never been lost in history. Today, the Sami costume is changing from the use costume to the celebration costume

Traditional Sami music is Yoik-singing. (You can click that link to listen some Yoik music)

There is Sami national anthem: Called: “Saamen suvun laulu”

There is a known symbol of Sami people: “Neljän tuulen hattu” (=Hat of four winds) that symbolize four main compass points.

neljän tuulen hattu.jpg

That was my blog post this time.




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