KBG Theme day 9.12


Today we have had a South African theme day at school. We were divided into different groups and given different topics to focus on. The topics that we presented to the rest of the school were apartheid, dance, literature, wildlife, culture, some facts about South Africa and also the trip we are planning in the spring.

The topic our group focused on was wildlife. Our group consisted of Alexandra, Michelle and Jonas and we researched South African wildlife and its characteristics. Together presented about 30 different South African animals. Everything from small sea swallow to big elephants.

Sea swallow (blue angel, blue glaucus, blue dragon, blue sea slug and blue ocean slug)

African elephant

Here is a taste of two of the animals that we presented:

African wild dog

African wild dog is also called hyena dog even though they aren´t related. African wild dog is endangered and there is believed to exist only about 3000 – 5000 individuals in the wild. In South Africa it can be found in Kruger National Park, but it´s also found in other African countries.

Characteristics for this species are big round ears, the color varies between golden brown with asymmetrical spots that are individual.

African wild dogs live in a pack of up to 30 grown individuals and they have a big territory that can reach up to 200 km². Their food contains of impala, other grass eating mammals and sometimes African buffel. They compete with lions and hyenas for food and territory. The biggest threat is humans and human activity.


Chameleon is a a type of lizard. Characteristics for a chameleon is a tongue as long as its own body length, the eyes are big and can be pointed in two directions at the same time. Chameleons also have spikes and  horns all over its body. Also the coloration is unique to this species, in fact they can change color according to their background. This makes them experts at blending into surroundings. Their food contains of insects, but bigger species can also eat smaller mammals and birds. Depending on the species the life span varies. Some chameleons can live up to the age of 10 years.

Baby chameleon

Made by Alexandra and Michelle


One thought on “KBG Theme day 9.12

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