The Big Five: African Leopard

The beautiful african leopard belongs to the Big Cat group with a maximum length of almost two metres. The males weigh in average 60 kilograms, the females a bit less at 40 kilograms. The leopard’s fur is mostly golden or yellow, but sometimes it can be black as well. It has black rosettes on its body and black spots on the head and lower legs.

It is easy to confuse the leopard with the cheetah, because of their similarities as far as looks go. This website has got a quite good comparison to make it easier to understand the main differences.

Leopards are most active at night. They have quite a broad diet, this makes it easier for them to adapt to different surroundings with different prey availability. Leopards often make kills in trees, which requires great strength. Although it is, at least in my eyes, one of the most beautiful predatory mammals, it is one of the most dangerous all the same. While the cheetah relies on its speed when hunting, the leopard approaches with stealth.

This was a short presentation of the African leopard, the fifth and final animal of The Big Five. Be sure to keep your eyes open for more interesting animals, which will be posted here.



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