My name is Regina Huttunen and I live in a (little) place called Billnäs (Raasepori, Finland). I still live at home with my family (My mum, dad, little sister Klara and little brother Aku. I also have a big brother called Viktor but he lives in Helsinki). At home we have a cat called Eppu (he’s really adorable) and a grey little bunny called Desiré.

What comes to my hobbies, I am a scout, I play the clarinet and I like yoga, music, reading, knitting,  trekking and hiking and all sorts of other stuff. In addition, I play the clarinet in an orchestra.

I’m also really interested in marine mammals, like whales and porpoises and seals, and other animals too and I just generally find oceans and seas to be pretty fascinating.

I like school (mostly…) and my favourite subjects are English, History, Biology, Geography, Music, Arts and Philosophy.

I wish that in the future I would be able to see the world and study marine zoology abroad!



4 thoughts on “Hi!

  1. Hi Regina. I am Mr. George Kleinhans. Teacher at Ikamvalesizwe combined School. Please to meet you. It is 12hoo (afternoon) in South Africa now. What time is it now in Finland?

    • Hello Mr. Kleinhans! Please to meet you. It’s (21st of October) 11:50 in the afternoon right now here in Finland.

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