Our school; Karjaan Yhteiskoulu 😊

Here is a little information about our school:

● In our school we have 266 students; 128 girls and 138 boys. Our school is quite small.

● Approximately 20 subjects: Finnish(mother tongue), English, German, French, Swedish, Math, Biology, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Music, Home economy, Textile- and woodwork, ATK, History, Religion, Economyskill, OPO(student’s control) and Health education.

● School start 08.55 every morning (monday-friday) and ends 14.55

● Our school has 2 buildings; A- and B-house, and sporthall.

● Every lesson is 45 minute and after every lesson is a 15-minute break.

● We have very little homework.

● Timetable change 5 times in a year.

● We have many fun projects, for example this Makana project.

Have a nice day! ❤